Deciding factors for your bar:

1. How many guests are you expecting?

For guest counts of 100 and less, we only require 1 bartender and 1 security to be present for your event. For over 100 we require 2 bartenders and 2 security. This should reassure you that your guests will get their drinks in a timely and safe manner.

2. How many hours of bar service are needed?
Our bar service requires a minimum of 6 hours and that is usually the perfect amount of time for most of our weddings. However, if you need more than 6 hours, our Venue Consultants are happy to help you with the proper arrangements.​

3. Will you need additional mixers?

The bar set-up is provided with EVERY bar service - big or small. The complete list of how much is included is provided in the contract. If you are wanting any signature cocktails or anything that isn't listed, you just provide us with the what's needed and the bartender(s) will get it served.

4. Delivery or self brought?

There are a couple vendors in the New Braunfels area that can deliver if needed. If you bring in the alcohol yourself, we do have a commercial sized refrigerator in each venue to store anything that needs to be chilled beforehand. When the bartender(s) arrive, a couple hours before serve time, they will handle arranging it where it needs to be during the event.


Alcohol is a common element at wedding receptions, and is almost always expected from your guests. If you plan on serving alcoholic drinks, Milltown requires you to use our bar service. We provide everything you need for the mixers for your drinks and you bring in your own alcohol. We also provide the TABC certified bartenders and security officers. By offering this open bar concept, your guests are able to fully enjoy themselves, regardless of their personal budget restraints.

Contact or (830) 837-5470 for more information.

* Any additional items that you'd like to have at your bar that you do not see listed will need to be provided by the client.

* Canned, bottled or keg beer is accepted. If you choose to have a keg, it must be delivered with a manual hand pump, in a trash can, and it is the responsibility of the client to keep it on ice until the bartender arrives.

* NO SHOTS, cash bars, or BYOB are allowed on the property.

* All alcohol must be removed from the venue at the end of the night by the client.