Alcohol is a common element at most wedding receptions and events and is almost always expected from your guests.  Our Bar Service provides everything needed from mixers for the drinks to TABC certified bartenders and security guards.

Deciding factors for Bar Service:

If you are planning on serving alcohol at your wedding/event and if you have over 50 guests you are required to hire our Bar Service.

Bar Service Options:

1. Guest count between 51 and 100  Set up/tear down w/1 bartender and 1 security guard for six hours $880

2.  Guest count between 101 and 200 Set up/tear down w/2 bartenders and 2 security guards for six hours $1,760

* Any additional items that are NOT listed would need to be provided by the client.

** Canned, bottled or keg beer is accepted.  Kegs must be delivered with a manual hand pump, in a trash can, and is the responsibility of the client to keep it on ice until the bartender arrives.

***NO SHOTS, cash bars, or BYOB are allowed at Milltown

**** ALL alcohol MUST be removed from the venue at the end of the night by the client.