1. Do you edit ALL of the photographs?

YES! Every single photo that you will receive has been edited in Lightroom to make sure that the lighting is absolutely perfect. See an example below of a simple lighting fix from an original (RAW) photo to the finished product.

2. Will you generate our timeline?
Yes and no, I can HELP you generate a timeline with pleasure! But you and only you will know the best way that you want your day to go. Coordinators are also phenomenal with making sure that things go as planned and keeping things organized. Once your timeline for the day is achieved, I will create a "Photographer's Agenda" that you will share with the shooters for your day. All expectations will be taken into detail on both sides.

3. What is your pricing?
Since pricing changes and a lot of packages are in need of custom arranging, you will need to contact Tiana at for more info on pricing and packages.

4. Can you do extensive editing?
Yes, if there are a few photos that you'd like to have printed and there is something driving you nuts that you want erased, smoothed out, tucked in we can certainly accommodate that. We do not extensively edit ALL of the photographs (unless you want them in a year or so!) without potential extra charges. Most instances are case by case, most importantly we want you to be happy with your photographs.

5. Do we get to choose our photographer?
If the photographer that you're wanting IS available to photograph your event, then yes. However, we do have a scheduling system that we like to go by to make sure that everyone gets a chance to do the work they love and may result in a different photographer than your choosing. Rest assured, you will have your event covered in the most professional and talented manor, regardless of the person. (Meet them all below!)

6. How do we book?
Get in touch! Call or email Tiana (830) 491-7049 or to go over packages and see what fits your event the best. Once you've decided, there is a small deposit to hold your date, and the rest can be made in payments or paid in full up front. No discounts may be offered through our department unless you are military (5%).

  • 2-3 week Turnaround on images
  • Complete familiarity with the Milltown property
  • 2nd shooters available
  • Luxury printing products available
  • Flexible packages
  • Completely edited images
  • Online Database to share photographs
  • Custom USB drive delivered to you with ALL high resolution and un-branded images. 
  • Custom extensive editing available
  • Our photographers are in constant contact with the staff at Milltown and have access to cart rides and other benefits.

Get in touch with Tiana, our photography coordinator, and she will get back with you on pricing and scheduling.



All creative things are my passion. I have the pleasure of overseeing all of the planning that goes into making sure your wedding is covered by the best photographers in the most organized and efficient way! I also oversee all marketing and am the designated photo editor for all of the photos that our photographer take. This assures that the quality you see in the photos is consistent and you can rest assure knowing that your photos are in good hands from the moment we meet, to the moment you receive your photography package in the mail!

Hello, I’m Caleigh, a free-spirited, adventure-loving wife, mom, musician, and photographer. Photography started as a hobby many years ago when I was given my very first film camera (mind you the digital age had already begun). It soon became a passion. I began to explore different types of photography; In my journey I found that the most rewarding is capturing your first moments:
The moment you realize that your life will be forever changed as you choose to say “I do”.
The moment he lays his eyes on you as you walk down the aisle to join your life with his. Your first kiss as a married couple. The first time you feel your baby kick inside you, or your baby’s first breath in this world, and the first time you comfort him or her in your arms! All those beautiful, fleeting moments you wish could last forever. I want to make them last forever for you. My goal is to capture YOU. I want to capture the rawness of your soon-to-be fondest memories in an artistic way that will never lose its value! When you look back at your photos I want you to feel what you felt in that moment! My hope is that through my work you also find my heart; I am very passionate about what I do and I want to share my passion with you.





I've always been an artist ever since I was a kid, during high school I discovered using my family's camera as a way to capture art. Ever since then I've viewed my photography as an extension of my art - but on top of that I feel I'm immortalizing memories and feelings with every photo. I love meeting new people and providing photographic ​​memories that will be enjoyed for the rest of their life and beyond by future generations. I'll be honest and tell anyone - I'm a huge nerd and probably love science fiction and fantasy a little too much. I could survive on a steady diet of cereal and peanut butter and have passed on this legacy to my 2 small children. I can do traditional wedding and portrait photography but also love to think outside the box and push the limits of creativity and story telling with my photography.


Milltown offers photography services for weddings held at our facilities. Our team is dedicated to capturing timeless photographs and making sure that you end up with the best experience possible. Our process goes as follows:

1. Let's meet! Or at least talk, to get to know one another. Making sure that expectations are met upfront is ver important to us, so getting an idea on what you'd like to see on wedding day is crucial.

2. After you'd booked, plan a little more, and it gets closer to the big day, we meet again. We will go over all of the details of your wedding, generate a timeline if you have not already, and go over the family photograph list. 

3. Wedding day! Our photographers arrive at the allotted time and turn in their photos to our editor after the event. You will then receive your completely edited photos within 2-3 weeks after your wedding.